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Kimi Linnainmaa is a Finnish pioneer of American football. The athlete is the first Finn who has made his way to Canadian Football League. Currently the winger plays in Austria for Vienna Vikings.


We are looking for social media collaborations and equipment sponsors for Kimi. The athlete’s followers and fans are extremely fanatic - there are hardly any other Finnish athletes who have such a large fan base on platforms like Youtube, where you can find a countless amout of videos about him. 


Numbers and achievements:

6 x Finnish national champion as team captain 

2015 Best forward of Maple League

2014, 2015 &  2017 Maple League all stars

2 x European Championship bronze medal as team captain

EFL-Champion 2022

2019 Toronto Argonauts

First Finnish professional American football player in North America 

Kimi Linnainmaa
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