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As said, sports marketing is the greatest way to market your business. The strong emotions related to sports ensure your future customers will remember your brand when a player scores a game-winning goal with your logo on game jersey, or a golfer breaks the course record wearing a cap with your logo on it. 

Your firm’s image will reap huge benefits through sports marketing, and of course, your products and services earn plenty of visibility in different events. 


Athletes are the greatest influencers: an athlete is a convincing, admired, and trusted face for your brand. Social media collaborations are superbly cost-efficient tool for reaching specific target audience or directing marketing to a specific region. However, the greatest feature of social media collaborations is that they are highly flexible; a collaboration can last for only one campaign week, or it can be a long-term partnership. Every social media collaboration can be made unique and exactly the kind you wish. 


Game jersey advertising is one of the most traditional tools in sports marketing. Your logo on a game jersey is seen in the crowd, in local newspapers and all around the world in pictures and videos shared in social media. Great performances and goal compilations attract views still years after the actual event – a game jersey ad is an investment which pays off for years. 


A well-planned and well-shot ad is actually interesting, and your customer won’t pass it by without paying attention to it. Especially, if there is an athlete star in your ad. Our photo and video shoot professionals, Ian Granström and Patric Huittinen make sure that your ad is noticed. 

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