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Two university students from Turku, Finland, Elias Pihala and Aarne Heinonen talked with high-qualified athletes about finding sponsors back in autumn 2020. The two former junior athletes were surprised how few sponsors the athletes had, and got an idea: would there be a need for a service which helps athletes to find sponsors, and businesses to find a face for their product? 

The idea was warmly welcomed by both athletes and companies, and the two founded Aura Sponsorship Management Oy. 

The company has grown fast, and our athlete and business networks have grown substantially. Our athlete customers compete in the Nordics, Italy and USA, and our business customers are local actors as well as multinational companies. 


We provide all the most important services that an athlete needs: we find sponsors and collaborations, help with tax planning, offer financial management and professional photo- and video shoots. 

Businesses can contact any athlete through us and find an admired and respected face for their brand from our athlete customer team. We help companies to plan their marketing campaigns from beginning to end – from identifying the target audience to shooting a video ad. 

Read more about our services from For companies and For athletes -sections, or contact us

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