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Social media with all its platforms is an efficient tool for getting income. We find both long- and short-term collaborations on different social media platforms for our athlete customers. In particular, Instagram collaborations are easy and effortless to carry out: you only need to share the posts on time, we take care of everything else from finding the partner to agreeing on the number of posts to be shared. 

Are your social media accounts too small? They won’t be for too long - we help you to grow those. Ian Granström and

Patric Huittinen take pictures of you that will make your social media accounts grow faster than you would have ever expected. 


We find game jersey ads for both team sport athletes and individual sport athletes. 

Do you not know how much you should ask from the advertiser, or are you not sure if you need to pay tax on the income? It’s fine: you are an athlete, not a bookkeeper, and you have us by your side. 


Financial management is one of the most important ways of preparing for the life after a sports career. The earlier you start, the faster you will get to enjoy the benefits as the money grows for a longer time. However, it’s never too late to start, and you are likely to benefit financially during your career. 

Mikael Henriksson from Aurator Asset Management Ltd are please to answer your questions and help you to get started. 


Incorporation means founding a company and partially converting sport activities into business activities. However, competing and practicing remain just like they used to be – you only charge your earnings to your company’s account. Incorporation is beneficial, as it opens many opportunities for tax planning and maximizing your income. In addition, some collaborations may require you to have a company of your own. 

Founding a business makes many things much easier even if it was hard to believe at first. Ask more about incorporation and tax planning from Sofia Casagrande

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