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Olli is a professional MMA-fighter who’s ranked to be the no. 1 Nordic fighter in his weight class. Olli holds a record of 13    wins and only three losses, and he competes in the global MMA organization Brave Combat Federation. UFC is Olli’s goal, and we are looking for partners to join Olli’s journey to the top MMA organizations.


Olli is able to advertise your brand and products on his personal social media accounts on a monthly or weekly basis. The athlete has a strong fan base especially in Southern Finland, but his partners get international visibility in fight events where Olli competes: you can get your logo on the athlete’s grappling shorts that he wears during the fights. 


Numbers and achievements:

Pro MMA Record: 13-6-0 

1st in Nordic welterweight fighter ranking 

Barve Combat Federation: Fight of the year 2021 - award

Fun fact: Olli holds a degree in business and industry.


Pictures: Ian Granström

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